Welcome to Chord Plaza Records, a dub techno, dub house record label.

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Aura Fresh – Modular Chord Impressions Volume 3 EP out now!

After 5 years Aura Fresh warmed up the voltage controlled oscillators again and recorded his new chord impressions via an LM4250 chip based analog multi-mode filter module. Kicking techno grooves and analog chords guaranteed on the 3rd volume too. (In 2013 Aura Fresh released his first Modular Chord Impressions volume, then in 2014 the second …


Aura Fresh – WintAir EP (2019)

Aura Fresh – Dubbing Outdoor (volume one) (2017)

Aura Fresh – Modular Chord Impressions vol.2. (2014)

Aura Fresh – Modular Chord Impressions vol.1. (2013)

Aura Fresh – Space And Time Continuum Ep (2012)

Aura Fresh – Cinque Terre (2012)

Aura Fresh – Blue Deepness (2011)

Aura Fresh – Pulses Of Laser Light (2011)

Aura Fresh – Quasar (2010)

Aura Fresh – I’m In Dub With You (2010)


Chord Plaza Records is a dubhouse, dubtechno, minimal/dub label.  It focuses on compositions that are based on echoed/reverberated/filtered synth chords mixed with field recordings under 4/4 beat structure.