Borsodub – A dub-influenced experimental audio-visual concept

Years ago, there was a dream about an audio-visual series like X-Mix or Space Night but for dub and for subgenres which were impacted by dub. The author collected field recordings and video footages from different landscapes over the years. After several experiments, audio recording, mixing, video editing, effecting sessions the original idea has been realized by now.
Audio materials were recorded with analog gear (voltage controlled oscillators, analog filters, analog delays) to add rawness and warmth to the sound.

Watch the 48 minutes long Borsodub video.

Buy here (including a continuous mix and the unique tracks):
Borsodub | Borsodub | Chord Plaza Records (

Aura Fresh – M87 EP out now!

New 6-track digital EP by Aura Fresh.

The opening track M87 takes you to a dark journey towards the M87 galaxy. 4 Bars is based on a 4-bar minimalistic loop with modulated and delayed chord progression (make sure you check its versions too, e.g. without drums). Slo is a slow bass track without a kick drum with analog chord themes.
Pre-sales on Bandcamp: 14/01/2023.
Release date: 20/01/2023.
Check it now on BeatportJunoApple MusicSpotify.

aura fresh

Aura Fresh – Dubbing Outdoor (Volume Two) out now!

This album consists of 10 dub techno tracks with floating chords and cyclical melodies by Aura Fresh. The atmosphere of the Dubbing Outdoor (Volume Two) album was inspired by winter nature.
Can you imagine what would you feel if you were laying in the snow at night and you were listening to these tracks?

The 79-minutes album is available in cd and digital format on Bandcamp, Beatport, Juno.

aura fresh