Aura Fresh – Modular Chord Impressions Volume 3 EP out now!

After 5 years Aura Fresh warmed up the voltage controlled oscillators again and recorded his new chord impressions via an LM4250 chip based analog multi-mode filter module. Kicking techno grooves and analog chords guaranteed on the 3rd volume too. (In 2013 Aura Fresh released his first Modular Chord Impressions volume, then in 2014 the second volume was published of this series.)

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Aura Fresh – Modular Chord Impressions vol.2 (2014)

New EP on the way: this is the second volume of Aura Fresh’s Modular Chord Impressions series. How the composer describes the release:
the intention was simple – to catch that moment when a dub chord is being born from 4 voltage controlled oscillators. No fancy-trendy samples or fill-ins, mouse-drawn software envelopes or automated modulations in the tracks of this release. All tracks recorded live on hardware and as always in this EP series: no presets – these chords are also gone….
Title: Aura Fresh – Modular Chord Impressions vol.2
Release date: 6. April, 2014.
Catalog: CPR008

aura fresh

Aura Fresh – I’m In Dub With You EP (2010)

Our first release is from the founder: Aura Fresh – I’m In Dub With You EP.  The EP contains 3 dubtechno tunes. Out now in digital shops worldwide. Track 1 is available in full lenght on Chord Plaza Records’ Soundcloud page.

DJ Comments

Aura Fresh – I’m In Dub With You (Phaze 1)
Cryogenesis-007 (United Kingdom)
*This is something new, something that will make a difference on the dance floor Phaze 1 & 2- 5/5

d-phrag (Ivan Philipov) Immersed,
*I’d call this maximal minimal, because of the warmth and delicate sound …great job.”

High Roller$ (Glen Zoeteweij) Netherlands go
*Brings back memories of Basic Channel…”

Yuan (Bing Yuan)
Radio Show : Forbidden Sessions Auryn Music, Bonzai Music, Blackhole Recordings
*This sounds very nice, I will strongly recommend this master piece.”

Dingle (Metadeko) (Daniel Mc Daid) United Kingdom,  Baroque, Babylon, Workout, Jetlag Digital, Bellarine, Airport Route, Bonzai
*nice deepness”

Derek Howell (Derek Howell)
United States
MasterLux Co. on Proton Radio
MasterLux Co., Proton, microCastle, Outside The Box, GU Hope, Bedrock Venues : Pacha NYC, Lima DC, many others Worldwide
Score: 10
*really cool stuff”

Pablo Acenso (Pablo Acenso)
Argentina, Global Underground, Baroque Records, Istmo Music, Outside The Box Music, Etc
Score: 10
*just beautiful, full support

Paul Manwaring
*niccceeeeee. Really liking your release , great work. Really cant decide whats my favourite, phaze 1 or 2.”

owlik (russia)
resident FM
*excellent experimental sounds”

Michele Vitucci
*Very deep vibes! LIke it!!!”

HypnoticDuo (Justinas Gritenas)
Eternal on Pure FM, Mistique, Jetlag, Carica, Deepsessions, Panda, Existance

Martin Schulte
zeecc, synergy networks, deepindub, op3n
*Pleasant sounds”

Faust (USA)
Chaucers International, Bar Celine, Zen Bar (Austin Ranch)
*Diggin phaze1″

George G. (George Georgakopoulos)
Devilock Recordings, Free Radio 98.00, Freeze Magazine Greece
*deep tune”

Uncle Roll
Breakoutaudio / Proton Music

Aura Fresh – I’m In Dub With You (Phaze 2)

TimBenjamin (Helmut Meyers)
Wartesaal Cologne , Xces Zurich, Venue Cologne
*great track”

High Roller$ (Glen Zoeteweij)

Aura Fresh – I’m In Dub With You (Phaze 3)
KyneticS (Manuel) (Italy)
Le Doll (Paris) – Green Room (Paris) – Monumento – Il Clan- DanceFestival – Kikě (Paris) – Le Club
*Nice track, good for warmup. Will play!”

TimBenjamin (Helmut Meyers)
Wartesaal Cologne , Xces Zurich, Venue Cologne
*great tune”