Aura Fresh – I’m In Dub With You EP (2010)

Our first release is from the founder: Aura Fresh – I’m In Dub With You EP.  The EP contains 3 dubtechno tunes. Out now in digital shops worldwide. Track 1 is available in full lenght on Chord Plaza Records’ Soundcloud page.

DJ Comments

Aura Fresh – I’m In Dub With You (Phaze 1)
Cryogenesis-007 (United Kingdom)
*This is something new, something that will make a difference on the dance floor Phaze 1 & 2- 5/5

d-phrag (Ivan Philipov) Immersed,
*I’d call this maximal minimal, because of the warmth and delicate sound …great job.”

High Roller$ (Glen Zoeteweij) Netherlands go
*Brings back memories of Basic Channel…”

Yuan (Bing Yuan)
Radio Show : Forbidden Sessions Auryn Music, Bonzai Music, Blackhole Recordings
*This sounds very nice, I will strongly recommend this master piece.”

Dingle (Metadeko) (Daniel Mc Daid) United Kingdom,  Baroque, Babylon, Workout, Jetlag Digital, Bellarine, Airport Route, Bonzai
*nice deepness”

Derek Howell (Derek Howell)
United States
MasterLux Co. on Proton Radio
MasterLux Co., Proton, microCastle, Outside The Box, GU Hope, Bedrock Venues : Pacha NYC, Lima DC, many others Worldwide
Score: 10
*really cool stuff”

Pablo Acenso (Pablo Acenso)
Argentina, Global Underground, Baroque Records, Istmo Music, Outside The Box Music, Etc
Score: 10
*just beautiful, full support

Paul Manwaring
*niccceeeeee. Really liking your release , great work. Really cant decide whats my favourite, phaze 1 or 2.”

owlik (russia)
resident FM
*excellent experimental sounds”

Michele Vitucci
*Very deep vibes! LIke it!!!”

HypnoticDuo (Justinas Gritenas)
Eternal on Pure FM, Mistique, Jetlag, Carica, Deepsessions, Panda, Existance

Martin Schulte
zeecc, synergy networks, deepindub, op3n
*Pleasant sounds”

Faust (USA)
Chaucers International, Bar Celine, Zen Bar (Austin Ranch)
*Diggin phaze1″

George G. (George Georgakopoulos)
Devilock Recordings, Free Radio 98.00, Freeze Magazine Greece
*deep tune”

Uncle Roll
Breakoutaudio / Proton Music

Aura Fresh – I’m In Dub With You (Phaze 2)

TimBenjamin (Helmut Meyers)
Wartesaal Cologne , Xces Zurich, Venue Cologne
*great track”

High Roller$ (Glen Zoeteweij)

Aura Fresh – I’m In Dub With You (Phaze 3)
KyneticS (Manuel) (Italy)
Le Doll (Paris) – Green Room (Paris) – Monumento – Il Clan- DanceFestival – Kikě (Paris) – Le Club
*Nice track, good for warmup. Will play!”

TimBenjamin (Helmut Meyers)
Wartesaal Cologne , Xces Zurich, Venue Cologne
*great tune”

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